So, why the Band Boosters ? Doesn't the school system take care of the band's needs...?

Unfortunately the school system doesn’t provide enough funding to provide the high-quality band program we’d like. The East Burke High School Band Booster Organization was formed to support the band program, including collecting fees and fundraising. Part of the funds raised goes into the fundraising accounts to pay fees or the cost of trips. The Band Boosters also feed, transport, dress, and provide instruments for 150 band students.

OK, so what can I do to help...?

Get involved! Join in!! Sign up !!!

It takes a big team to do what we do and you can be a part of it. Everything from flipping burgers to driving a bus; sewing and mowing; raising money and financial planning; the list goes on and on.

Your involvement can only make us more successful. Withholding your gifts will have the opposite effect.