Recent questions
Coronavirus concerns – luckily for us, our trip is still a long time away. We have every confidence in the US and World Healthcare organizations to deal with this health concern in the short-term so it doesn’t become a problem for us in 2021. Having said that, please understand that the health and safety of our students and parents is always our #1 concern.
Fundraisers to help???
Yes.  Each band program already has certain fundraisers scheduled to assist students and parents.
Who gets to go?
All current BCPS Band students are invited. Current 9-12 will be 11/12 and in college in 2021.  Current 6-8 will be 9/10 in high school and in the 8th grade.
Who do I submit my payment to for student and/or chaperone?
Answer: Your High School Band Boosters.  Your Director can send it to the right folks.
BCPS Volunteer form can be found on the Required Paperwork page
Form must be submitted and approved before we travel.
Submit the form to your Band Director who will send it to the Central Office
University of Hawaii will supply all large instrument needs (Perc, Sousaphone, etc.)
Last day to add in to the trip is September 1, 2021.  No group airfare possible after that date.
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